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Nutritional Therapy

Have you ever wondered why, when you begin to take prescription drugs, you never seem to get off of them? Why does the dosage usually increase? Why are you told you need additional drugs for an entirely different symptom that has since developed?


Being responsible for your own health is the greatest gift you can give yourself. What you eat not only affects your health, but your emotional state and physical structure. The body innately gives us clues as to what it likes and dislikes. With the help of a certified Nutritional Therapist, you can decipher those clues and learn your body's unique nutritional needs.

Good health begins with good nutrition

With Nutritional Therapy, you will learn:

Did you know?

  • Good water is the most important nutrient we can give the body.
  • Foods that are considered healthy could actually be causing trauma to your body.
  • How foods are prepared may cause major health issues.
  • Many people are sensitive to dairy and wheat, causing symptoms of indigestion or sinus allergies.

What is a Nutritional Therapist?

Nutritional Therapist is a title earned by those who have taken the certification course in nutritional therapy, who are dedicated to the healing arts, and who are committed to helping the body reverse the ill effects of the modern diet. The health of the general public is declining, largely due to the nutritionally-insufficient fuel we feed our bodies. Nutritional Therapy is an efficient new tool to use in the education and understanding of the body and its cries for help.

The health evaluation

The health evaluation consists of:

Pressure is applied to certain indicated areas of the body, from which the Nutritional Therapist will take readings based on your response. This physical screening will feel similar to acupressure. Lightweight, comfortable clothing is recommended.

The results of all tests will be evaluated. A nutritional protocol will be recommended for the purpose of strenghtening the immune system, supporting the body in the areas which tested weak and eliminating toxin to help the body regain nutritional balance and aid in its own healing.

A health evaluation is an excellent way of finding out what your body's needs are at the time of the test. As nutritional needs are met, the results will change. Periodic testing is recommended.


Don't wait to make an appointment to evaluate your health. Make your dietary change by choice, not when it becomes a matter of life and death.

Initial Health Evaluation: $125
Follow-Up Visits: $75

Visits do not include nutritional supplements, S/H, or lab work. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Note: Nutritional therapy helps to balance the body by addressing its nutritional needs. Nutritional Therapy does not claim to diatnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease and is not meant to replace any current medical treatment.